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Characterize forest areas and assess fire risks


Vegetation mapping and species identification

Vegetation mapping by satellite image processing is a method used to study, analyze and map landscape vegetation. It is carried out using satellite images taken by sensors installed on orbiting satellites. These images are then processed to extract valuable information about the vegetation. Vegetation maps provide information on the state of vegetation and are important for climate change and biodiversity and conservation studies.

Forest fire management

Detection of burned areas for insurance purposes, for example.

Burn detection can be a valuable tool for insurance companies who can use burn detection technologies to help monitor high fire risk regions and better understand the causes of fires. Remote sensing can also help insurance companies estimate fire damage and assess claims risk.

Eco-buying service

Burning consists of burning forest or agricultural plots in order to stimulate biodiversity and soil quality. Satellite monitoring allows automatic monitoring of burning activities and better decision-making in the management of natural resources. Satellite surveillance services can provide quality data on the coverage, intensity and extent of fires.

Monitoring vegetation growth after a fire outbreak

After a fire starts, vegetation can be severely damaged and can take several years to grow and recover. Therefore, monitoring vegetation growth is essential after a fire to monitor the recovery process and subsequent environmental changes.

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