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Better follow the development cycle of your crops for more targeted, profitable, and reasoned management.


Pixagri, services for
sustainable agriculture

As environmental issues take center stage in our society, agriculture finds itself at the heart of a crucial transformation towards sustainability. In this quest for a more environmentally-friendly agriculture, satellite images emerge as invaluable tools. They offer an unparalleled perspective on agricultural territories, allowing for a precise and real-time assessment of farming practices and their impact on the environment.

Satellite data opens the way to informed decision-making for farmers and decision-makers, enabling them to monitor crop development, water needs and many other key parameters.

To this end, TerraNIS has developed Pixagri, a range of precision agriculture services designed to support farmers and cooperatives in their agro-ecological transition.


A comprehensive decision-support
tool for managing your crops

Pixagri is a precision agriculture service platform that allows cooperatives and agricultural sector actors to be supported in their agroecological transition.

Irrigation Management

Monitor in real-time the water status of your plots to optimize your irrigation.

Crop Growth

Follow the growth of your crops, detect potential anomalies, and guide your field actions.

Cover Crops

Follow the development of your intermediate covers and estimate the quantities of nitrogen stored and released.

Custom Services

Contact us to discuss your needs and let’s develop a custom offer together.


A solution adapted
for use in the field

Farmers and advisors can now access all Pixagri services directly on their mobile phone, thanks to the new application!

Take your plot data with you wherever you go, and make your work in the field easier by having all your spatialized indicators at your fingertips. Simple and comprehensive, it has been designed to meet your needs in the field and help you make informed decisions while you are out in the field:

  • Search for the plots of interest that you are following.
  • Access a detailed sheet of the plot with the history of indicators.
  • Take geolocated field notes and share them with colleagues.
  • Activate an offline mode to use the app in the field without internet access.

Do you want to discover how Pixagri works? Schedule an appointment with our teams for a demo of the tool!


Euralis Supports Its Members with Irrigation Recommendations

Water management is a critical issue for the agricultural sector. Euralis has embraced this challenge and supports farmers in better managing water resources, including through irrigation management. For the fourth consecutive year, the cooperative has been using our Pixagri tool with its members. Thanks to Pixagri, farmers and their advisors can access accurate, daily, and spatialized data for each of the plots: evapotranspiration, monitoring of vegetative development, water balance, and irrigation recommendations.


Pixagri partners with MyEasyFarm to simplify irrigation management

Following the Space Tour 2021 call for projects operated by CNES, MyEasyFarm and Pixagri Irrigation are joining forces to connect their platforms and gain interoperability. MyEasyFarm now offers integration with the Pixagri Irrigation service to provide a reliable and easy-to-use solution for controlling crop irrigation in real time. From now on, any farmer using both solutions will be able to automatically retrieve their irrigation recommendations on a single platform.


Contribution of high-resolution satellite images to optimize the corn silage harvest

Corn silage is a forage commonly used in dairy cow rations and its harvest date is a key issue to maximize its digestibility and quality. In this context, Mas Seeds has developed a model, based on agronomic and meteorological data and high-resolution satellite images, to estimate the optimal forage harvest time. TerraNIS brought its expertise to industrialize the processing chain of this model and operates it on behalf of Mas Seeds, under the name NUTRIPLUS® SAT.


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