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Precision viticulture

Know better your vineyard for a better quality and profitability.

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A precision technology available in 4 complementary services!

A range of precision viticulture services that combines technological innovation and viticultural advice developed and marketed with our partner ICV, specialized in viticulture/oenology advice. Satellite remote sensing allows you to quickly obtain precise, reliable, operational and large-scale mapping of your vineyard. Œnoview® is also a set of digital tools allowing easy access to data, including in the field in offline mode.

Oenoview Harverst

Prepare your harvest

Oenoview Harvest is a set of tailored tools to support you in the preparation of your harvest, looking at the real and changing state of each of your plots.

Oenoview Ferti

Optimize the fertilization

Oenoview Ferti is a state-of-the-art tool for controlling and optimizing nitrogen fertilization. The tool allows you to control your fertilizer budget by recommending doses adjusted to the needs of your plots.

Oenoview Planter

Follow the development of your plantations

Oenoview Planter is a precision viticulture service to help you monitor the development of your plantations. The tool makes it possible to detect development anomalies and increase the success rate of plantations.

Oenoview Hydro

Evaluate the water stress of your vineyard

Oenoview Hydro is an innovative service that allows you to assess the water stress of your plots.

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