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Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture services for a better follow of the crop cycle to guarantee a more targeted, profitable and reasoned monitoring. 

What is Pixagri?

Pixagri is a package of services dedicated to the agroecological transition for cooperatives and farmers, available on the same platform. PIXAGRI services are as follows: WAGO Irrigation control, CROPEO Vegetation growth/anomaly monitoring, COVERSAT Cover crops management, C-SOILS Soil cover dynamics monitoring.

Different APIs are also available to interconnect with existing decision support tools and platforms


Irrigation monitoring

Follow in real time the water balance of your plots.


Anomaly detection

Detect more rapidly potential anomalies in your plots to better otientate your field based actions.


Estimate the quantities of nitrogen and other mineral elements returned to the soil by the canopy

Monitor the biomass of your cover crops and estimate the amount of nitrogen uptake then made available to the subsequent crop


Carbon indicators

Monitor the ground cover of your fields and estimate their carbon fluxes

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