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Monitor the irrigations in order to optimize water inputs and reduce water stress on your crops.

Irrigation monitoring

Monitor the irrigation of your crops in real time

Follow in real time the water balance of your plots.

Master the impacts of water stress on your crops

Master and optimize your water inputs.

Manager your plots over several campaigns

Simple and up-to-date data to save you time

Wago is an online service for irrigation monitoring. Easy to use, it is based on a water balance model developed within research projects. Wago calculates daily the state of the soil water reserve from plot data (useful reserve of the plot for example), weather data (rainfall) and satellite images. It gives you key data in order to optimize water inputs and reduce water stress on your crops.

Indicators for crop and irrigation monitoring

With Wago, access several indicators to monitor your irrigations and the development of your crops.

  • Monitoring of the soil water reserve accessible to the crop.
  • Monitoring of the vegetation development thanks to the estimation of the biophysical parameters of your crops. Calculated based on satellite images, the fCover (fraction of green cover) is a stable and robust parameter allowing the monitoring of the vegetation evolution.
  • Access weather forecast for up to 7 days.
  • Irrigation recommendation when the plot enters water stress.

The Wago service also allows to manage one’s plots over several campaigns.

Formats adapted to your use

Web application

and mobile application

All the indicators available via the Wago service can be visualized via an online graphic interface. This interface allows the soil water content moniroting and the identification of water balance risks.


to integrate the data directly in your applications

Thanks to the Wago API, it is possible to access to several services:

  • Reading of the data stored on the server
  • Addition or modification of the data on the server
  • Deleting of certain data