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Precision agriculture service to characterize and follow your crop development, optimize your cultural practices.

Precision agriculture

Reduce your production costs

Reduce your environmental impact

Improve the quality and productivity

Monitor your crop development

Based on multispectral satellite imagery and specific algorithms, vegetation maps are generated at key stages and delivered with several formats (PDF or digital files).

The treatments made facilitate the extraction of certain biophysical characteristics of the crops such as vigor, heterogeneity or other deficiencies. Then, these characteristics are analyzed in order to extract information allowing users to make decisions.


Analyze your plots and optimize your cultural practices

Thanks to the Pixagri service, analyze each of your plots and optimize your cultural practices, at all key stages.

Vegetation mapping delivered with the PIxAgri service guarantees a fast, global and objective vision of your crop developement.

PixAgri helps you identify heterogeneities within your plots, locate specific zones and compare situations in order to better understand them and better adapt your practices and facilitate field actions.

  • Reduce production costs
  • Reduce environmental impact modulating practices 
  • Improve quality and productivity 

The Pixagri product was developed by Airbus Defence and Space Geo-Intelligence program line, and benefits from an original technology.