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Precision agriculture service to optimize the nitrogen fertilization of your crops.

Optimization of the nitrogen fertilization

Optimize your nitrogen inputs thanks to modulation maps

Fertisat gives access to modulation maps calculated from satellite imagery.

Improve the quality and increase the productivity of your crops

Lower the risks of deficiency by modulating your inputs and gain quality and productivity.

Reduce your environmental impact

Reduce the excesses of nitrogen and limit the risks of leaching of the soils.

Modulation maps to optimize your nitrogen inputs

Produced with specific algorithms and multispectral satellite images, acquired before each nitrogen input, modulation maps are delivered under different formats (PDF or digital files). They allow the identification of zones of deficiency and then the optimization of the inputs by modulating the doses.

The treatments performed allow the estimation of a nitrogen nutrition index. Homogeneous zones are grouped to make the field work easier.

A service available for field crops

A specific treatment for each crop is done on the satellite images acquired before the forecast date of the inputs.

The deliverables are shared under various formats. A map is also generated after the inputs to control the homogeneity of the plant cover and the effect of the fertilization on the crop developement.