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Detect more rapidly and precisely anomalies in your plots and direct your field actions. 

Anomaly detection in crop parcels

Monitor the growth of your crops

Monitor the growth of your crops from seeding to harvesting.

Detect anomalies to drive field based actions

Be notified to anomalies on your plots to act quickly and efficiently.

Visualize the vigor and heterogeneity of each plot

View all your data through a single platform.

A simplified access to useful indicators for the monitoring and the characterization of crop development

Follow the growth of your crops from seeding to harvesting on the web platform CropEO or from your usual monitoring platform. The vigor and heterogeneity of each plot are assessed with maps, charts and downloadable documents. This analysis helps decision making on the field and allows a moniroting complementary with technicians’ actions.

CropEO benefits from TerraNIS’ experience in Earth Observation image processing to offer robust and reliable monitoring indicators. Several vegetation indices (e.g. NDVI) and biophysical parameters (e.g. fCover or LAI) are calculated. Treatments specific to your crops can be defined to guarantee the quality of the deliverables.

Formats adapted to your use

A web application

accessible via an online graphic interfaceUne application

The web interface allows you to analyse the crop development and easily and rapidly identify anomalies.

4 functionalities are available:

  • Assess the vegetative development of crops
  • Analyse your crop development thanks to your historic records
  • Characterize the heterogeneities within the crops
  • Detect anomalies and target your field observations


to integrate the data directly in your applications

Thanks to the CropEO API, it is possible to access several services:

  • Access the data stored on the server
  • Add or modify the data on the server
  • Delete certain data

Overview of monitoring of crop developement and anomaly detection through a historic and intraparcellar comparison.