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Oenoview Planter

Follow the development of your plantations

Precision technology in the heart of your vineyard

Oenoview continues its development and now offers monitoring of the first two years of vine development. More particularly dedicated to nurserymen, Oenoview Plantier allows, thanks to images taken throughout the season, to alert technicians carrying out the monitoring of plantation sites. Objective: optimize their monitoring and ultimately the success of the platforms, which constitute the future of the vineyard and must be managed with all the necessary attention.

Developed in partnership with Mercier nurseries, and always with the support of our historic partner, the ICV group. This new variation of the use of satellite images allows:

  • To detect suspicion of development abnormalities (too high grassions of grassing entering into the young vine or alleged mortality rate higher than normal).
  • Send weekly alerts to optimize visiting tours at risk and accelerate exchanges between the nurseryman and the winegrower.
  • To improve the success rate of plantations, to intervene more reactively before it is too late, thus preserving the substantial investment made during planting and limiting disputes.

oenoview plantier evolution

Precious feedback

This new “Planter” service has just been praised by the jury of experts in the 2022 innovation list of Vinitech, who awarded him a quote.

Laurent Hillaire, Manager Zone Grand Sud des Pépinères Mercier User of the Service, also entrusted: “Oenoview Plantier allowed my teams to keep a permanent eye on the development of planting sites, better target their visits and improve exchanges with winegrowers. ”

Formats adapted to your use

Mobile application

A mobile application, allowing you to access your maps live from the field and mark your geolocalized comments, with or without signal.

Georeferenced maps

Georeferenced maps allowing you to understand the heterogeneity of your plots.

Statistics files

An Excel file with all the statistics to plan your harvest.

Zone maps

Zone maps to localize maturity controls and segment your vineyard.

Image app oenoview

At the office 

Simplified zone maps for all the treated plots, with a KMZ format (Google Earth) or with a format compatible to a GIS.

In the field

A mobile application called Terraview usable without signal, to visualize the zone maps of the vigor without an Internet connection and mark geolocalized comments, files with a GIS format compatible to a GPS system.