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Oenoview Hydro

Evaluate the water stress of your plots

Precision technology at the heart of your vineyard

This new service in the Oenoview offer is the result of 4 years of experimentation, in collaboration with the Syndicat du Cru Minervois, materialized by the thesis work of Eve Laroche Pinel (CIFRE thesis, TerraNIS-EI PURPAN supervision, Group partnership ICV).

Oenovie HYDRO provides monitoring of the water status of the vine using images acquired every five days by the Sentinel-2 optical satellite. Oenoview HYDRO provides information on the water status of the vine at the level of a region or an estate. Each time the satellite passes, a map and a numerical estimate of the water status of each plot are provided. In the context of climate change, this innovation responds to the need to better manage water resources.



Oenoview HYDRO received a Bronze Trophy at SITEVI 2021 for its innovation in a context of climate change

At the office

Vigor maps with various levels of details – with pixels and with zones – for each plot with indicators of vigor and heterogeneity, a kmz file of all the plots treated in order to visualize the entire vineyard with Google Earth, a statistics file with an Excel format to analyze and filter the information.

In the field

The mobile application Terraview usable without signal, to visualize the maps of the vigor -with pixels and with zones – and to mark geolocalized comments, files with a SIG format compatible with a GPS system. The maps of the vigor for each plot are also provided in PDF.

Personalized formats adapted to your use

Mobile application

A mobile application, allowing you to access your maps live from the field and mark your geolocalized comments, with or without signal.

Zone maps

Zone maps to localize maturity controls and segment your vineyard.

Statistics files

An Excel file with all the statistics to plan your harvest.

Georeferenced maps

Georeferenced maps allowing you to understand the heterogeneity of your plots.

Image app oenoview